Modern Camera Connotations: Semiotics Profit Accounting in Perspective Roland Barthes

Fitriya Andriyani


Accounting has been seen as a language because it has symbols or lexical characteristics of a language. With the symbol or the characteristics may imply that the accounting has units that contain meaning or words that can be identified in any language. Additionally, in accounting there are grammar refers to a set of common procedures used and followed in the preparation of the entire financial data for business purposes. Thus the expression of language in conveying the accounting information to be precise should fit between the meanings implied by the implied meaning. Therefore, in addition to aspects of measurement and usefulness, it is also necessary to analyze the accounting of reality represented. In other words the necessity of reviewing was accounting syntactically, pragmatics, and semantics. The purpose of this study was to determine how the meaning of profit in the study of semiotics Roland Barthes. Semiotics is the theory and analysis of various signs or symbols and meaning. Meaning of symbols profit in the financial statements which essentially is a perfect representation of the actual reality (denotation) turns up on the reader is in the form of connotations and myths. In earnings symbols are connotations, but the connotation is not there at this stage of the message itself but at this stage of the calculation of profit presented in the financial statements. Connotation emerged as a symbol of profit in the financial statements will be read by the public with their code. Two things that allow the profit symbol connotations or contain code. Connotations own profit symbols like the connotation of images in modern cameras proposed by Rolland Barthes. Barthes called the reality in the photos that we experience as real unreality. Known presented unreality because of what is past (temporal anteriority), was never able to meet category here-now, now here and is calle


Semiotics; Semiotics Rolland Barthes

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