Foreword (Conference Chair)

When the graduate school decided to conduct the International Conference on Education in 2016, we started to discuss the theme for accommodating  many topics in education.  And  we came up with the theme Education in the 21st Century: Responding to Current Issues. And since that time, we worked  to make it happen. Many people involved to support the committee, one of them are our beloved students who worked in daily basis to compile the abstracts and full papers that came from many places and countries and arranged many things needed to make the conference ran smoothly. In this way, I saw the conference became an arena for preparing our students to learn academic  conference earlier  before they participate in other conferences in other places.

As  the annual conference, the year 2016 was the first.  Previously, the Graduate School had also conducted international conferences but not annual conferences.  This time many presenters came to participate, and most of all we were so glad that many college students and graduate students also attended and presented their paper in this conference.  And personally, I would like to say that this academic conference enhanced  the academic  atmosphere  among the participants.

Hopefully, the proceedings that we publish on line will be a reminder for all participants about the messages and academic atmosphere  that had been felt and shared during the conference.  And for all participants, presenters, and authors  of  full papers,  on behalf of the graduate school, I would like to express our deep gratitude for shaping  this conference and proceeding become real and memorable.

My gratitude also extends to the Rector and Director of Graduate Program and all program coordinators of  Graduate School, State University Malang for entrusting me to be in charged as a conference chair. Also I would like to thank  for all supports from Journal of Humanities Education & Journal of Science Education, both published by Graduate School.  Finally, this proceeding was the work of many people, so it is the success of all us.


Malang 2017

Imanuel Hitipeuw