Pedagogic Base as a Basic in Education of Bahasa Indonesia to Build the Society Who has Skillful Thinking

Yana Suryana


based on the historical aspect, Indonesian came from the Malay language plus foreign and region languages which were appropriate with the rules of Bahasa Indonesia, and minus foreign and regions languages that were inappropriate with the Bahasa Indonesia rules. Then, BI = BM + X-Y. The general purposes of learning Bahasa Indonesia are a) to have an ability to reveal the idea with using well and correct Bahasa Indonesia in both spoken and written. B) To have a positive attitude through language norms, such as loyalty, pride and awareness to language norm. The particular purpose is to have language’s skills covering listening, speaking, reading, and writing skill. The Language functions are to state self-expression, as a communication tool, to create integration, as a social adaptation, to manage social control. Bahasa Indonesia has the position and function as national and state language. Based on the purpose of education or teaching and language function, there are some efforts to keep, maintain, and develop Bahasa Indonesia through an effective development of Bahasa Indonesia program which is effective in creating or building a productive human who has individual and group competency forward sense of belonging, sense of pride, sense of responsibility in the use of Bahasa Indonesia in various of life. Thus, pedagogical base is important to be the implementation of guidance in keeping, maintaining, and developing the purpose and function of language because pedagogic base is an essential science to discuss the basic principles, philosophy and theory of Bahasa Indonesia covering informal, non-formal or informal education. Pedagogic base is the preparation which develop Bahasa Indonesia program for educators candidate. In practicing, teaching of Bahasa Indonesia is perspective, practical, normative, scientific, contextual and situational.


pedagogical base, bahasa Indonesia, thinking competent people.

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