The vision of Postgraduate UM is to create superior programs that care about human values and become a reference in the development of postgraduate education in the fields of education, science, technology, and arts.



    1. Organizing postgraduate programs with attention to expanding access for the community;
    2. Improve quality, relevance and competitiveness through education and learning, research and development of knowledge, and community service;
    3. Build a healthy organization in order to strengthen governance, transparency, and public image so that it becomes a quality postgraduate program.



    1. Providing the widest possible opportunity for all students from various socio-economic groups of society, geographic area by taking into account the level of intellectual ability to access education at UM Postgraduate;
    2. Producing high quality and competitive graduates, relevant academic works with development needs that have the potential to increase the role of postgraduate students at the national and global levels through the application of science, technology and arts;
    3. Having a healthy, autonomous, modern, and efficient organizational governance system, so that it is able to provide excellent and accountable services to stakeholders and is able to develop into an international standard UM Postgraduate Program.


Brochure of Postgraduate Program, State University of Malang 2017