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          The assessor team as Prof. Dr. Mungin Eddy Wibowo, M.Pd. Cons from Semarang State University and Dr. MG. Adiyanti, M.Psi from Gadjah Mada University conducted a Visitation on the Accreditation of S3 Educational Psychology Study Program, State University of Malang on Monday, June 1, 2015. The opening remarks were started by the Director of Postgraduate Program, State University of Malang Prof. Dr. I Nyoman Sudana Degeng, M.Pd. The Postgraduate Director of UM conveyed the vision, mission and goals achieved by the University. The Director of Postgraduate UM also said that the demands to advance higher education institutions are getting bigger, especially in increasing quality UM Postgraduate graduates with the demands of today's work world. Therefore UM Postgraduate improves and improves the quality of teachers and graduates by adding various adequate facilities.

          After the remarks from the UM Postgraduate Director, it was followed by remarks from the Assessment Team who said that the purpose of the accreditation visitation was to assess the validation and verification of the results of the desk evaluation or assessment at the place of study program as well as an assessment of the forms and or portfolios of study programs presented by the program the study and its attachments through desk evaluation. Head of Doctoral Program (S3) Psychology of Postgraduate Education, State University of Malang, Dr. Imanuel Hitipeuw, MA, expressed his hope that the Educational Psychology S3 Study Program would get better accreditation as expected by many parties.