Comparative Effect Of Active Warming Up And Passive Warming Up Through Lactic Acid To Sub- Maximal Physical Activity

Ardo Yulpiko Putra, Aminuddin Aminuddin


Warming up is a beginning activity in exercise to prepare body
physiologically and psychologically to do more heavy activity and reduce
flawed risk before doing exercise or competition. Warming up has two kinds; active warming up and passive warming up. Research design is “the randomized pretest- posttest control group design”. This research uses human beings as subject. The subjects are students of Surabaya State University of sport faculty major of physical education. Samples of this research are eighteen students of 21- 23 years old. The students are divided into two groups. Nine students are in active warming up group and nine students are in passive warming up group. Each group is given sub-maximal physical activity by paddling ergocycle by 80% HRmax. lactic acid level is measured by accutrend lactate from Roche- Germany in
mol/l. lactic acid level is done four times: (pretest) the lactic acid level in the beginning, (soon posttest-1) the lactic acid level soon after warming up, (5‟posttest-2) the lactic acid level after sub- maximal physical activity for five minutes, (30‟posttest 3) the lactic acid level after sub-maximal physical activity for thirty minutes. Research finding is analyzed by descriptive analysis, test of normality, paired t test, and independent t test in significance 0,05 by IBM SPSS 20. Result of test of normality shows that all data distribute normally by p>0,05. The result of paired t test shows that variable of lactic acid level through active warming up group and passive warming up group shows p<0,05 means that there is a significant difference. Based on the independent t test, The result in variable of lactic acid level in delta-1, delta-3 show the significant difference (p<0,05).
Therefore, it can be concluded that: There is a lactic acid levels increasing after submaximal physical activity in a group of active warmingup and passive warming-up group. 3 There was increased levels of lactic acid was greater in the active warming group compared with passive warming group after warming.


Active Warming up;Passive Warming up; Lactic Acid and Submaximal Physical Activity

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