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The Relational Patterns of Selected Factors Influencing the EFL College Learners’ Reading Comprehension.


Deskripsi : General research question : which is the best path of the proposed patterns toward EFL reading comprehension“.

Sub-questions :

  1. Which model of the correlation between students’ metacognitive awareness, self efficacy, motivation and their reading comprehension is significant?
  2. Which model of the correlation between students’ metacognitive awareness, self efficacy and their motivation is significant?

Research objective : is to investigate the relational pattern of those selected factors toward EFL reading comprehension and investigates the contribution of each variable.

Research Significance : The result of this research is supposed to give both theoretical and practical contributions. Theoretically, the findings of this study are expected to widen the theoretical perspective on the factors affecting EFL reading comprehension. Further, it is also expected to explain the relationship between EFL reading comprehension and those selected factors. Moreover, the findings can develop the knowledge on how those factors interact among them and which factor has the biggest contribution to EFL reading comprehension.

Practically, if the result shows the significant correlation, the result of this research will be useful for the English lecturers as the educational practitioners who can provide an effective and appropriate strategy to increase students’ awareness of metacognition for reading comprehension. Thus, they can use metacognitive strategy in their reading classes such as planning, monitoring, and evaluating. Besides, it also suggests the appropriate strategy for the lecturer or the teachers in designing their teaching strategy by considering factors affecting reading comprehension such as self-efficacy and motivation.


Nama Penguji : (1) Dr. Suharmanto, M.Pd.    (2) Dr. Anselmus J.E Toenlioe, M. Pd.

Nama Pembimbing : (I) Dr. Sri Rachmajanti, Dip. TESL, M.Pd., (II) Dr. Ekaning Dewanti Laksmi, M.Pd., M.A.


In the same year, she continued her studies at the English Letters and Language Department in State Islamic University of Malang (UIN MALIKI Malang) and finished her studies in 2013. Later, she was employed in some English courses in Malang and English teacher at Homeschooling in Malang.

In 2014, she decided to continue her studies in a graduate program majoring in English Language Teaching of State University of Malang. She is interested in linguistics and literature studies as well as TEFL field. Others, she also concerns on EYL especially in Indonesian context. Recently, she has been contributed on National and International conferences held in Surabaya. Her papers focus on reading skills especially in higher education in University. She also had published her articles in OKARA Journal of STAIN Pamekasan entitled “Story Grammar Strategy: An Approach to Teach Reading Narrative Text”. She can be contacted through e-mail: