Alpian Husna (Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris)

The Effects of Extensive Reading on Students’ Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Retention.

The Extensive Reading is the one of the activity in which help the students to get used to in reading English without any strict rules; no need to look for the main idea or specific informations. They just need to get the gist in general understanding purpose of reading along with no question-answer in the end of the activity. They just need to enjoy what is in their hands The purpose of the study are: 1) to investigate whether the Extensive Reading Programme could effect the Reading Comprehension; and 2) to reveal whether there is a progress of Vocabulary Retention after the treatmen. After analyzing the data, the results are; there is no significant effect after the implementation of the Extensive reading program and there is no significant progress of Vocabulary Retention after the treatment. The main reasons of  insignificance effectsare due to the duration of the implementation and over generalization of the population. The practical contribution for the teacher, students, and future reserachers; teacher could implement this certain activity asone of the variaty in teaching English, for the students supposedly to see which genre that they look interested, and for the future researchers, they could have the similar study but with great amount of time in the implementation.


  • Utami Widiati, M.A., Ph.D.
  • A. Effendi Kadarisman, M.A., Ph.D.


  • Dr. Suharmanto, M.Pd
  • Dr. Anselmus JE. Toenlioe, M.Pd.

Biodata Diri

Alpian Husna was born in Ulin, November 28th, 1990 and the second son of H. Hasna Keroe and Hj. Arpiah. He took his Junior High at MTsN Sei Paring – Hulu Sungai Selatan. Then, he joined to his Senior High MAN 2 Kandangan. He earned his undergraduate degree in English Language Teaching at Lambung Mangkurat University Banjarmasin in 2013. Currently, he pursued magister degree in the English Language Teaching Program of State University of Malang since 2013. Related to his research and publication, his main areas of interest include TEFL and SLA. He preseanted a paper in National seminar proceeding in Banjarmasin in 2016 and were published in form of conference proceedings and edited book.